Zuong Huang mugshot

Florida man attacks restaurant owner with a meat cleaver *WARNING: Graphic Video*

Caught on surveillance camera: A temporary employee attacks a restaurant owner after being asked for employment paperwork

A man working as a temporary employee at a restaurant in Winter Haven, Florida, was charged with attempted murder 2nd degree after he attacked the owners of the restaurant with a meat cleaver.

According to WFLA, Zhong Huang, 28, was hired as a temporary employee by the China Park restaurant owners Zheng Shan and Jia Dong through an agency in New York. Huang had been working at the restaurant for two days when the couple decided that they wanted to hire him on as a permanent employee.

Shan needed Huang’s identification so that she could get the necessary paperwork for the hiring process completed, but when she asked him for it, Huang grew angry. Huang started to yell at Shan, refusing to give her his identification. Dong immediately ordered the man to leave the restaurant.

Instead of leaving, Huang continued to yell at the two, and grew increasingly more agitated when he was asked to leave. The couple warned him that the police would be called if he didn’t leave. As Dong began making his way to the front of the restaurant, Huang grabbed meat cleaver and went after Dong. He began to attack the man with the meat cleaver, shouting about how he would kill the both of them.


Shan rushed to intervene but was struck in the hand as she did. Huang held her head down on the counter when the woman tried to grab the cleaver from his hand.

Huang eventually let go of the cleaver, warning the couple the he would come back from jail to kill both Dong and Shan if they tried to tell authorities what had happened. He then took off through the front door of the restaurant.

Shan immediately called the police, who found Huang at the back of the restaurant when they arrived at the scene. Huang was taken into custody, and the couple were treated for cuts and scrapes by EMS. Neither of the two were seriously injured.

Huang was charged with 2nd degree attempted murder and Tampering in Felony Second Degree Proceeding.

[Feature Photo: Polk County Sheriff’s Office]