Teenage pretend doctor arrested again

The teen wanna-be doctor allegedly used a false income report to buy a Ferrari

Malachi Love-Robinson, 19, who’s currently facing charges for practicing medicine without a license and stealing from an elderly patient, was indicted this week for providing a false earnings report in September, to qualify for a loan to buy a Jaguar in Virginia.

Love-Robinson said on his earnings report that he made $120,000 per year. The level of income and relative youth of the car buyer made the dealership staff suspicious and they called the police. According to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, the wanna-be doctor was arrested on September 9 in Stafford, Virginia, after employees at the car dealership phoned the police.

“The employees there [became] suspicious of the situation due to some of the things Mr. Love-Robinson was saying. hey Googled his name and found that a subject with the same name had been arrested numerous times on fraud-type charges in the state of Florida.”

The employees apparently led Love-Robinson to believe that they were checking his credit, in an attempt to keep him there while they called authorities. They told him that his credit was approved and that he could come pick up the vehicle. When he showed up at the lot, authorities confronted him.

Initially, Love-Robinson told police that the woman (who showed up with him) was his co-signer. The woman, apparently Love-Robinson’s godmother, explained to police that she never intended to co-sign with him, and was in shock when detectives discovered charges on her credit report that she never made.

“There had been a $1200.00 charge the day before for two iPad’s and a cell phone that she had not purchased,” the police report read.

The items were eventually found in Love-Robinson’s possession. Police confiscated the items and charged him with identity fraud, in addition to charges of obtaining money by false pretenses and false statements to obtain credit.

The pretend doctor had a second arrest in March with several counts of practicing medicine without a license, grand theft and identity theft.

[Feature Photo: Stafford County Sheriff’s Office]