Texas Man charged with murder after admitting to throwing baby across the room

Allente Edwards waited hours to call the police after the infant became unresponsive

An Irving, Texas, man has been charged with capital murder on suspicion that he threw a 17-month old baby across the room while he was caring for her and her two siblings, one who also displayed signs of assault.

Allante Edwards, 19, was taking care of his girlfriend’s three children on January 4 when he called 911 to report that Olivia Cangemi was unresponsive. The infant was taken to Children’s Medical Center where, according to a police report obtained by a local Texas news station, she was found to have a severe head injury including brain swelling, healing rib fractures, and abdominal injury.

Edwards reportedly confessed to police that he had thrown the infant across the room before she became unresponsive. She died at the hospital after being removed from life support.

It is unclear if Edwards is the father of any of the children under his care. A six-month-old baby identified as Allente, Jr., also exhibited signs of assault, with bite marks on his face. Police told a local CBS affiliate that Edwards waited five to six hours after Olivia became unresponsive to call 911.

Investigators told WFAA that Edwards had a record of domestic abuse, but did not provide further specifics. The deceased child’s mother and grandmother spoke to the news station about Olivia.

“She was the most sweetest, smart, beautiful little girl I have ever seen in my life,” the girl’s mother, Jennifer Cangemi, said. Her grandmother, Karen Cangemi, added, “It’s not fair to this world. We lost a child. She was just a joy to the world…“We want justice for Olivia. We want justice from what has been taken from our family.”

Jennifer Cangemi arranged to donate her daugher’s organs in order to help save other children’s lives.


Photo: Irving Police Department