Drug dealer suspect charged with letting two people drown after police car chase

Robert Goldsmith is facing two counts of second-degree murder

If you drive your car into a canal while two other people are in the vehicle, you’d think you might want to inform police officers standing by right away about the other two passengers trapped into the car as it’s sinking.

But apparently Robert Goldsmith did not think this was pertinent information to share with arresting officers who had been trying to apprehend him after arranging a narcotics sting at a Sunrise, Florida, apartment complex. According to a Sunrise Police report obtained by the Sun Sentinel, police had gotten a tip that Goldsmith was selling crack cocaine, and followed an informant posing as a drug buyer to the apartment complex, where Goldsmith appeared to participate in a transaction.

As police approached him, Goldsmith drove away in his car “into an adjacent canal that was approximately 15 feet from the edge of the [apartment complex] parking lot,” according to the report. The car flipped over and Gonzalez escaped through the car window.

“Not until after Goldsmith was physically removed from the water, detained by detectives and questioned as to other occupants of the vehicle did he utter to detectives that there were two other subjects” in the vehicle, according the report.

Rescuers were not able to get to the passengers in time. Hannah Gonzalez and Marquis Garcia, both 24, were dead when the car was pulled out the water.

Goldsmith is now facing a life prison sentence if he is convicted of the charges: Two counts of second-degree murder. He is currently being held without bail.