Francesco Castriotta mugshot

Mafia boss with a permanent erection caught after 7 years on the run

A Mafia boss who relied on a peculiar medical condition to avoid being thrown in jail, has been taken into custody in El Vendrell, Spain, after successfully fleeing from authorities for seven years.

The Toronto Sun reports that Francesco Castriotta, 42, an Italian mafia chieftain, also known as “Lord of Coca,” was arrested in Milan in 2009 for his drug dealings. At his arraignment, he pleaded with the judge, even crying as he did, to take pity on him while he awaited trial. He worried that he would be laughed at by the other inmates for his condition.

The Mafia boss suffers from priapism, a painful, persistent erection that can last hours. The condition is a direct result of years of drug abuse, and is caused by lack of blood flow through the penis.

The judge took pity on him and agreed to put Castriotta, who held ice on his groin during the hearing, on house arrest while he awaited trial, but he made a run for it instead.

On Monday, however, Castriotta was found and arrested in El Vendrell, Spain, just south of Barcelona. He now faces 21 years of jail time for conspiracy to drug trafficking.

As reported by Daily Mail, Castriotta was known as the biggest cocaine man in Northern Italy during the nineties. After making a break for it in 2009, Castriotta was able to continue his drug trafficking career by organizing cocaine deals between South America and Milan.

After seven years of searching, authorities in Spain were finally able to catch up with the Mafia boss after tracking down his parents. When his family went to visit him for Christmas, authorities followed them, finding Castriotta’s hideout.

Shortly after his capture, police released a statement about Castriotta’s arrest.

“[The arrest was] the result of the sacrifice and dedication of the police officers who, even at Christmas, have continued to work to locate this dangerous criminal.”

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