Soldiers at war…

Celebrity Justice: Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy

Human history has created many feuds between two opposing forces. With 2017 however, history offers a feud that one would generally see played out on the big screen. What started as a simple Internet feud between rapping sensations, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, has led to an eventual boxing match between the two, scheduled for March.

Boxing champions Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather agreed to use their skills to legitimize Chis and Soulja Boy’s beef. Mike Tyson agreed to train Chis Brown and Floyd Mayweather agreed to train Soulja Boy; many are wondering how far these two are willing to go to put a hurt on each other.

Earlier this week, Soulja Boy was hit with a game changing tragedy when his home was robbed for $20,000 worth of assets. The assets included roughly $10,000 in cash and $12,000 in jewelry. Soulja Boy had been attacked and was eagerly ready to point the blame at someone on social media. Although he never directly blamed Brown for the robbery during an Instagram video rant, many assumed Soulja Boy was zeroing in on Brown and his crew.

Fingers pointed…

When faced with a situation like this, it’s easy to point fingers at someone and “play the blame game.” However, no evidence exists that Brown had anything to do with the robbery. In fact, it wasn’t long after the robbery that police came rushing to the scene and uncovered surveillance footage. What they found was somewhat predictable of any normal break in – the subject busted through the door to invade the house while Soulja Boy wasn’t home. They also secured a glimpse of what the burglar looked like, helping further the investigation.

Justification to Suspicion 

Did frustration wash over Soulja Boy? Does he have more enemies than he thinks? Perhaps none of his other possible enemies mattered. It’s possible that the only one that ran through his mind was his bitter rival, Chris Brown.

Looking at the current hostility between the two rappers that spawned this upcoming boxing match, we have to go back to the origin of this feud to get a better understanding of what caused this rivalry. There are legitimate reasons behind Soulja Boy’s accusations that Chris Brown was responsible for the burglary.

Like the great battle of Troy, this feud between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy which began on January 2, started with Karrueche Tran, Brown’s former girlfriend.


The fight began after the infamous “Crank that” rapper, Soulja Boy, “liked” a picture of Tran on Instagram. Yes. That’s all it took for this feud to spark off into high flames.

Their war escalated even further after Soulja boy tweeted a taunt to Chris Brown stating he completely overreacted in regards to him “liking” Tran’s Instagram picture. Soulja decided to push Chris Brown’s buttons even further by bringing up his sensitive relationship with Chris’s ex-girlfriend Rhianna. With no intentions of stopping there, Soulja Boy brought up legal troubles Chris has dealt with in the past. If Chris had a weak spot, Soulja Boy was going exploit it.

Unable to keep silent any longer at the Soulja Boy’s audacious taunts, Brown decide to retaliate to the backlash. It was time for him to dish out some disrespect of his own. Chris had aces up his sleeve and he intended to use them to its fullest potential. To legitimize his retaliation, he used one of the most influential tools in the modern world…social media.

Brown responded to Soulja Boy with a flood of Instagram videos and memes aimed at the rapper’s career. In one of his most controversial attacks, Brown mentions his own daughter, Royalty. A touchy subject for most, but Chris felt he could pull no punches for his enemy. Chris mentioned how his daughter is just two years of age and is still making more money than Soulja Boy. A ridiculous comment to say the least, but still a jab at Soulja Boy’s career.

The feud continued to heat up even further when Tran stepped in to voice her opinion and claim just how absurd and “ridiculous” their feud is. Little did she know that Chris would be responding with a slew of slanderous comments regarding Tran and her fame, claiming that she was only famous because she was his ex.

DIS A DUB!!!! You shoulda just shut up! AND DONT TRY TO GO BACK AND FORTH!! I GOT ALL DAY!

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As Soulja Boy responded with more slanderous words regarding Chris’s words towards Tran, their feud was reaching a boiling point.

Amidst the feud, Soulja Boy’s house was burglarized with over $20,000 in cash and jewelry stolen according to TMZ. With the burglary still under investigation, many unanswered questions are raised. Was the burglary entangled in this feud between the two infamous rappers? At this time, police say there is no evidence Chris Brown or his crew were involved in the robbery. With the investigation still underway, only time will tell…

[Feature Photo: AP/Scott Roth/Invision, File]