Irritated driver pays $3,000 DMV bill with five wheelbarrows full of ‘revenge’ pennies

Payback! Literally!

An irritated Cedar Bluff, Virginia, driver got behind the wheel again, this time a wheelbarrow, to cart a massive 300,000 pennies to pay sales tax on two cars at the Department of Motor Vehicles, meting out his revenge in cold, hard copper.

Mr. Nick Stafford hoisted a full five wheelbarrows full of change, nearly all pennies, to the Lebanon, Virginia, DMV office on Wednesday. The penny-payback weighed a whopping 1,600 pounds.

He stated he paid in coins to “inconvenience” the DMV.  It all started, according to Stafford, because he owns homes in different counties, and simply wanted to ask the DMV where he should register a Corvette he bought for his son.

He said he had called the Lebanon DMV, but they informed him he wasn’t allowed to call a direct number used only by government officials and promptly hung up the phone on him.

That did it.

“Well, after waiting on the phone with the DMV in Richmond for over an hour I made an official FOIA request” says Stafford.

Afterwards, Stafford sued the state, claiming he was denied the DMV direct line as well as DMV direct lines in other jurisdictions. Stafford filed three lawsuits in all, but a judge dismissed all three when a state’s attorney general rep showed up and handed over the phone numbers in court, reports the Bristol Herald-Courier.


“You may ask, why go though all this trouble? In 2016 I paid nearly $300,000 just in state and federal income taxes and I have zero tolerance for any government employee refusing to follow the laws of the Commonwealth, that’s why,” Stafford wrote online.

But don’t cry for Lebanon DMV employees, who stayed past closing to count pennies. U.S. Department of the Treasury regs mandate that “United States coins and currency are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes and dues” under the Coinage Act of 1965.

Brandy Brubaker of the Virginia DMV said the agency is happy with the outcome.