Teen stolen at birth says ‘Mom’ is not a felon

She was stolen at birth, claims to be raised in a stable home

The baby stolen from a Florida hospital just hours after she was born, now a teenager, recently learned her true identity after an issued DNA test. The 18-year-old is defending the woman who raised her and insists her “mom” is not a felon.

The New York Post reports that Alexis Manigo, born as Kamiyah Mobley, took to Facebook to air out her feelings about the woman who raised her as her own being called a felon by the public. Manigo, who insists that her mother isn’t felonious, wrote that she had everything she needed while growing up.

“(She) raised me with everything I needed and most of all everything I wanted. My mother is no felon.”

On Monday, Joseph Jenkins, the teen’s neighbor in Walterboro, South Carolina, said that Gloria Williams, the woman who reportedly stole the victim from the hospital, said that the teen was never abused.

Regardless, Mobley spent 18 years as Williams’ daughter, something her birth parents never consented to, nor had any knowledge of, until Monday. Williams is now facing felony kidnapping chargers. She’s accused of taking Mobley out of her mother’s hospital room at the University Medical Center (now called UF Health-Jacksonville) on July 18, 1998, just eight hours after Mobley’s birth. Authorities only had grainy surveillance footage to rely on, and no one could identify Williams.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the teen had an “inclination” a few months back that she may have been kidnapped, but the details of and how and why she thought that remain unclear.

Mobley spent a few minutes alone with Williams on Friday. Williams is in the process of extradition to Jacksonville, Florida, where she’ll face her charges.

[Feature Photo: Jacksonville PD]