Facebook Murder: Man reportedly posts on wife’s Facebook page to cover murder

Police say an Orlando man posed as his wife on Facebook on January 7,  in an attempt to cover her murder up and convince people that she was still alive.

People reports that George Joseph McShane, 42, allegedly strangled and killed his wife, Kristen McShane, 30. After killing her, he logged onto her Facebook account after friends and family began questioning why she wasn’t returning text messages and calls. Posing as his wife, McShane reportedly made up a fake story about a lost cellphone.

“I can’t believe I dropped my phone in the toilet. I’m such an idiot. Message me here, til I can get it fixed.”

Peter Mattias Ivester, Kristen McShane’s cousin, said that it was unusual for her to stop answering texts and calls. It spurred worry in the tight-knit family, who, according to Ivester, loved to “gab” with each other.

“It just wasn’t like her to not answer calls. We’re a tight-knit family and we’re always gabbing. I just can’t believe this really happened. It’s heartbreaking.”

Three days after the Facebook post, at around 12:49 p.m. Orange County detectives received a call from an unnamed relative who reportedly said she had reason to believe that not only was Kristen McShane dead, but that George McShane was planning to kill himself. Detectives arrived to the McShane home and found the husband in the garage, sitting in the driver’s seat of a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe, with the engine running. They reported that he was likely in the process of committing suicide.

Once inside the home, authorities found Kristen McShane’s lifeless body in the master bedroom, covered in a blanket. Detectives arrested Greg McShane and charged him with second-degree murder and domestic battery by strangulation. During questioning, the husband allegedly admitted he lost his temper during an argument and strangled his wife. He said he posted a fake message on her Facebook page once people began asking about her.

“During the course of the argument, George stated he lost his temper and jumped on Kristen, using his two hands to choke her until he realized she was dead,” read the police report.

Kristen McShane left behind a daughter, 6, and a son, 4, who has cystic fibrosis. George McShane remains in the Orange County Jail with no bond.

Family members started a GoFundMe page for Kristen McShane, to help with funeral expenses, as well as costs to help raise her two children. So far, over $5,000 of the $10,000 goal has been reached.

[Feature Photo: GoFundMe]