Man shot dead after threatening his mom with a screwdriver

He refused to drop the screwdriver, resulting in a fatal ending for a Long Island man

A 28-year old Long Island man who threatened his mother with a screwdriver was shot dead by police in the early morning hours of Saturday, reported The New York Daily News.

A neighbor awoke about 3:15 a.m. Saturday when she heard a woman – later identified as the mother of Jahlire Nicholson, screaming.

“He’s gonna kill me, he’s gonna kill me.”

The neighbor called 911 and reported the incident behind the Westgate Street home in Queens.When police arrived, they found Nicholson threatening his mother with a screwdriver as they stood on an exterior stairway leading to the rear basement apartment.

The woman escaped and police wrestled with Nicholson who ignored repeated orders to drop the screwdriver. Nicholson lunged at police with the screwdriver after an officer fired a stun gun at him, but missed.

Police shot Nicholson in the shoulder and leg. He was transported to Jamaica Hospital, but died.

Nicholson divided his time between his home and that of his mother. His lengthy criminal record included 10 arrests since 2003 on charges of assault, robbery, weapons possession and pot possession, reported The News. At the time of his death he was on probation for gun possession.

Police responded to the Queens home about four times between 2002 and 2006 due to Nicholson’s arguments with family members. No one else was injured in the incident, though police were taken to Long Island Jewish Medical Center for treatment of ringing in the ears.

Saturday marked the fourth time in two weeks that cops have shot someone during a confrontation, officials said. Two of the prior three police-involved shootings were fatal. Police shot 37 people in 2016, nine of them fatally, according to NYPD statistics.

[Feature Photo: DCPI]