Film Producer suffers burns across neck

A healthy peanut butter smoothie is all they wanted!

Film producer Richard Moore and wife Ramla said that they set about blending a healthy peanut butter smoothie last month when their health kick turned to a health scare. Their Nutribullet malfunctioned, causing painful burns and blisters across the producer’s neck.

Moore chose the recipe from the NutriBullet website just before everything went sideways.  Moore and his wife claim that mid-smoothie, the Bullet blades began rotating round and round, much faster than usual.  They said that smoke began to pour from the out-of-control blender.

Mr. Moore claimed he tried to turn off the blender, but the NutriBullet shattered, shooting, sharp shards of plastic and burning liquid onto his face, neck and knuckles.  He’s been in extreme pain and covered in boils and blisters.

“It felt like my hands were on fire. I was told that the burning liquid had effectively rested on the top of the nerves without actually destroying them, so that it just continued to burn the nerve.”

The 15-piece NutriBullet 900 series food processor above, allegedly sprayed burning peanut butter goo all over the film producer, according to Moore. The Southeast London couple have brought in lawyer Irwin Mitchell to investigate the incident and take legal action.

“I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since the incident because of the pain I’m in.”

The NutriBullet claims to help health-minded consumers make smoothies soups and shakes, and grind and blend veggies, nuts and fruits.