Man on FBI Most Wanted list caught in Texas

A tip led authorities to a man accused of shooting two other men without provocation.

A man placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for reportedly shooting and killing two people in Wisconsin was caught on Sunday in El Paso, Texas.

New York Daily News reports that Terry Strickland, 24, was involved in an argument among a several people at a house party in Milwaukee on July 17, 2016, when the feud escalated into gunfire. Strickland is accused of shooting into the crowd of people arguing while standing in a group on the front lawn. He allegedly killed two people and immediately fled the scene. Strickland first shot Maurice Brown Jr., 38, followed by Michael Allen Reed, 39.

When he fled, Strickland left his 18-month-old daughter behind at home, alone with no supervision.

According to Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn, the shootings were “vicious” and “unnecessary,” which prompted the FBI to place Strickland on the Most Wanted list in December.

“It was unnecessary. Neither individual posed the slightest threat to Mr. Strickland, but they paid with their lives for occupying the same space.”

Strickland was arrested without incident during a traffic stop. Authorities learned of his whereabouts through an anonymous tip. El Paso FBI Special Agent in Charge Doug Lindquist stated that after receiving the tip on a public access line, the FBI worked with partner agencies throughout Saturday night until Sunday morning, when they found the suspect.

“I am proud of the continuous hard work of our agents and law enforcement partners in quickly apprehending this dangerous and violent fugitive….Once again, today’s Top Ten arrest demonstrates the great determination and cooperation the FBI and its law enforcement partners have in El Paso, Milwaukee, and throughout the country.”

Strickland is facing double-homicide charges, as well as an October 2016 charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

[Feature Photo: FBI]