Lakinta Cosby

Police: Dallas woman drags boyfriend under her car for a block, kills him

She admitted to running over her boyfriend, citing years of abuse

Police say a Dallas woman has admitted to killing her partner with her SUV on January 14; she claimed the incident happened after suffering years from years of abuse.

Dallas News reports that Lakinta Cosby, 39, intentionally ran over and killed Sherron Berry, 36, on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. The couple had reportedly been involved in an incident earlier that day.

Surveillance footage shows Berry walking down the sidewalk of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Dallas, when a white Mercedes SUV heading the opposite way is seen stopping in the middle of the road as he walks by. The vehicle turns around and crosses a sidewalk, speeding towards the man, who starts to run from the oncoming vehicle. The moment of impact is obscured by the corner of a building.

Apparently, Cosby had circled the area until she saw Berry, and dragged him under the car for a block after she initially hit him.

Authorities received a tip that the SUV from the footage had been spotted and were sent to the area. Cosby arrived on the scene in a blue BMW, exited the car, and admitted to police that it was her SUV and she was responsible for Berry’s death. The woman reportedly told authorities that Berry had assaulted her, and she was tired of the abuse.

Cosby was arrested and taken into custody. She confessed to killing Berry.

Court records show that Berry had a history of domestic violence. He’s been charged twice with family violence. After the first incident in 2014, Berry was charged with misdemeanor assault and sentenced to a month in jail.

The first incident reportedly occurred last year. After an altercation involving another woman, Berry punched Cosby in the head several times. Cosby was left with bruises on her face and a busted lip.

Authorities attempted to raise the 2016 charge to a felony, given his history, including a complaint from 2010, in which he was not charged.

Berry was given 5 years’ probation.

Lakinta Cosby is facing a felony murder charge. Her bail was set at $100,000.

[Feature Photo: Dallas PD]