School administrator parties at booze-filled, taxpayer-funded retreat

“Drink! Drink! Drink! She was drunk. I was drunk. Everyone was drunk.”

Photographs have surfaced of a 33-year old Brooklyn school administrator holding a bottle of alcohol as she uproariously laughed before falling off a bed at a high-spirited, taxpayer funded party in May 2015 during an upstate planning retreat, according to The New York Post.

Sources told The Post that Diana Rendon, assistant principal of Progress High School, Williamsburg, entered the party carrying a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

 “She walked up to me, put it in my mouth and poured it down my throat, saying, ‘Drink! Drink! Drink!’ She was drunk. I was drunk. Everyone was drunk.”

The Department of Education told The Post that it “does not have regulations concerning [employees’] alcohol consumption off work time, but will discipline employees for “conduct unbecoming.” But administrators and teachers can be subjected.

The 13-second video clip of the party is one of several photos and reports placing in highly raucous settings.

Other photos from October were taken after Rendon entered a football team’s changing room at the Aviator Sports Complex, where the Grand Street Campus Wolves were dressing in preparation for a game against the Abraham Lincoln High School’s Railsplitters.

Rendon entered unannounced and held up her cell phone behind coach Bruce Eugene as he gave the team a pep talk, reported The Post.

“I was almost naked,” player Kordell Wray, 18, told The Post. “All I had on was underwear.”

In discussing the May 2015 party, Rendon said  she was pregnant during the retreat.

“I don’t know how a 7-months-pregnant woman could be jumping on beds and drinking,” she told the newspaper, which reported her baby was born Sept. 1, 2016, more than six months after the party.

Rendon could not be reached for comments on later reports.

Staffers told The Post the images were made public in retaliation of her “bullying” which created a “culture of fear” at the school.

Rendon has a close relationship to Principal William Jusino, sources told The Post, adding: “She is the one is charge. Whatever she says goes.”