Shocking Moment: Nanny ‘disciplines’ toddler with hot curling iron; mom spots tot being burned on camera **GRAPHIC VIDEO**


After work, young mom, Angela Persaud, was giving her tot-boy a bath at her home in Long Island, New York.  It was then she noticed her son’s hands were scalded red and that baby Xander would “pull away” in pain when touched.

When she asked little boy what happened, he told her the burns came from a curling iron. But there was no way the two-year-old could fully articulate exactly why his hands, fingers and legs were covered in burns.

Trying to determine what may have happened to her child while she was away, Persaud   decided to play back the daily nanny-cam footage. She revealed she was “disgusted” to watch her nanny repeatedly burn the baby, even checking the curling-iron beforehand to make sure it was hot enough to hurt.

The nanny came with the semblance of a pedigree, retained from an agency, Moms Helper Inc.  She was with the family for months before the damning nanny-cam footage came to light.  She had been alone with baby Xander for weeks on end.  What else may have happened to the tot off-camera?


Persaud immediately called called Nassau County police.

When questioned, the nanny stated she was “tired from a long week” and that the boy “wasn’t listening,” so she wanted to “discipline him,” according to court documents.

“The child wouldn’t listen. I wanted to discipline him using the iron so I burned him.”

Persaud also reports the nanny said she was “frustrated.”   She tried to explain two-year-old Xander was being “bad.”

Agency-approved nanny, Nosipho Nxumalo, is now charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon and endangering the welfare of a child. She pleaded “not guilty” on all counts.

“My heart skips beats because I don’t know what I don’t know.  You can’t just trust that an agency is going to do the right thing by you,”  the distraught mom told WGNTV. “You can’t just trust that an agency is going to do the right thing by you.”

[Feature Photo: YouTube/CBS/ Nassau County PD]