Video: ‘Goldilocks’ burglar arrested after breaking in to sleep in couple’s bed

A couple returned to their home in Victoria, Australia, to find an intruder had broken in and was asleep in their bed earlier this month.

The Mirror reports that in December, a couple entered their house to find that someone had broken in and moved a bed from the bedroom into the living room. The perplexed couple then noticed that someone was still asleep in the bed.

Footage captured by a mobile phone at the moment the couple found the intruder shows a shirtless male, wearing a Yankees baseball cap and black shorts, waking up in the bed. Moments after the video was taken, the man allegedly threatened the couple with a knife. Nothing was stolen from the home, and no one involved was hurt, but the culprit was able to flee the scene on foot.

Police issued a warrant for the man, who appeared to be in his twenties, and a manhunt ensued. He was soon deemed the “Goldilocks” burglar before he was tracked down and arrested.


On Wednesday, the intruder was arrested and charged with burglary and criminal damage, as reported by The Age. He’s been identified as Isaac Henderson, an 18-year-old from Melbourne. Henderson had apparently gotten into a fight with his father and left the house soon after. According to Amanda Upton, Henderson’s lawyer, the teen was looking for a place to sleep and charge his phone, so he chose the Christensen home to do just that.

Henderson applied for bail at Ringwood Magistrates’ Court on Thursday. He was denied by magistrate Marc Sargent after police opposed his release. Authorities said that the teen had fully admitted to breaking and entering into the house, but did not admit to using the knife to threaten the couple. Instead, he claimed to have used a chicken skewer.

Neither version has been verified since no weapon was found at the scene of the crime.


[Feature Photo: Victoria Police]