Break-in at Texas gun range…you know the rest! Employees open fire!

Don’t mess with Texas gun ranges after hours

When will criminals learn that robbing anything with the word “gun” in the title is a bad idea? Employees of Houston’s Full Armour Gun Range helped a group of suspected robbers learn that lesson early Tuesday morning.

Police told ABC 13 that the area had been plagued by a string of burglaries, prompting some employees to stay after hours. Their vigilance paid off – and surprised the attempted burglars, who clearly expected the business to be empty.

According to the report, at around 12:30 a.m., two vehicles entered the gun range parking lot. Four men emerged and allegedly began to break into one of the employees cars.

So the gun range employees did exactly what you might expect. They heard a noise, grabbed some guns, and went to investigate what was happening.

Within 90 seconds, shots were fired and the employees managed to detain two suspects.

The other two suspects evaded capture and drove off while firing shots. One of the employees shot back using an AR-15.


According to police, a man showed up at an area hospital shortly after the incident with a gunshot wound. They have not said if he is a suspect in the robbery.

Source: ABC 13