Drunken Husband threatens to go ‘medieval’ on wife with weapon

The suspect created the weapon in order to protect his children, but then allegedly used it against his wife

An Oregon man has been arrested for allegedly threatening his wife with a homemade weapon he created to protect his children from scary clowns.

On Saturday, January 14th, authorities arrested Matija Belavi, 31 and living in Cornelius, Oregon, for stating that he was going to strike his wife with a baseball bat filled with several 8 inch nails. Belavi later told authorities he dubbed the instrument a “clown tickler,” and said that he built it in October in order to reassure his children that he would defend them amid reports and rumors of people dressed in “scary clown” costumes terrorizing citizens from coast to coast. 

A Washington County Sheriff’s spokesperson told The Oregonian that Mr. Belavi allegedly made the “clown tickler” threat during an argument with his wife. When authorities arrived at the home, Mr. Belavi was not there. He was found and arrested 15 minutes later, walking in the neighborhood. Investigators suspect alcohol may have played a role.

Mr. Belavi was arrested and booked under the charge of menacing the public.

Beginning in October, there were numerous reports, including several in Oregon, of people committing crimes while wearing sinister-looking clown costumes. Many of these reports remained unsubstantiated, but even if the scary clown phenomenon may have been something of an urban legend, the fear was real. The Oregon City Police department posted a message on its Facebook page in early October, attempting to dispel the rumors. “The Oregon City Police Department wants our citizens to know that the Clown Rumor is just that……a viral rumor,” the message read.  “The purpose of the rumor is to upset you and cause fear.”


Photo: Washington County Sheriff’s Office