Justin Bieber impersonator arrested for getting nude photos of young girls

A Massachusetts man is facing child pornography charges

A man pretending to be Justin Bieber online was able to convince some underage women he was really the pop star – and now he may be going to jail.

Bryan Asrary, 24 and from Revere, Massachusetts, was arrested on December 18th on charges of child pornography and extortion. He is accused of impersonating Justin Beiber on Instagram and other social media sites, and demanding that young girls send him nude pictures or videos of themselves. Very young girls: one of the alleged “sextortion” victims was only nine years old when Asrary first convinced her to send nude photos of herself.

According KABC-7 Los Angeles, Asrary first contacted the girl on Instagram, claiming to know Bieber and that he could set up a text message meeting between the fan and the superstar. The girl took the bait and before long, Asrary, posing as Bieber, asked her to send nude pictures of herself, and she complied, and never told anyone about it at the time. That was two years ago.

This November, Asrary contacted her again and requested more nude pictures and videos. He also threated to harm her if she did not comply. The young girl who lived in California told her parents who contact authorities.

When Asrary was arrested at his home, child pornography was found on his computer and phone. He reportedly confessed to the crimes and also stated that he committed similar acts with other young girls across the country. If convicted, Asrary could face several years in prison. He is currently being held on $20,000 bail.

The perp/perv is not associated with Justin Beiber or any of his organizations.


Photo: Associated Press