Butchered body parts found in New York, New Jersey trash facilities

A woman’s mutilated remains were found by waste management workers

It sounds like something from the days when New York City was crawling with violent crime, but the gruesome discovery was made just this week: A woman’s torso and leg were found in a Bronx trash facility.

The butchered body parts were discovered early Tuesday morning at the Metropolitan Transfer Station in the Hunt’s Point area of the Bronx. Investigators quickly began a search for additional body parts, and by Tuesday night had found a left and a right arm, both with the hands cut off. By Wednesday additional body parts had been found at a New Jersey trash transfer station, and authorities are investigating a possible link.

Elias Rodriguez, a waste management worker, had arrived at the Bronx facility for the delivery when he observed his colleagues reacting to the gruesome discovery.

 “I asked what was going on and they said they found a body. I saw the torso and the leg,” Rodriguez told DNAInfo.  “They looked pretty fresh. It looked like this person could’ve been murdered last night.”

Rodriguez is a former EMT worker, and told NBC he was accustomed to witnessing gruesome sights.

“I only went in as far as where the pit is,” Rodriguez told NBC New York. “I didn’t want to disturb what is now a crime scene. And I saw the body, the body parts laying there. A torso and a leg without a foot.”

Investigators have secured five containers of trash that were delivered to the facility around midnight on Tuesday and are continuing the search for more possible dismembered remains.

A victim has not yet been identified, and the New York City medical examiner’s office will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death.