Female “ice cream killer” is so deadly she’s being shipped to men’s prison

She hacked up two men, then stuck their body parts in ice cream tubs

A female killer is so deadly, so dangerous, she’s being shipped off to a maximum-security facility…for men.   Estibaliz Carranza, quite the femme fatale, murdered two men that we know of.  Motive for murder?  She wanted revenge on both her husband and her boyfriend because neither could give her a child.  No matter how much they “tried,” she never got pregnant and naturally, blamed the men.

In 2008, Carranza was in a rage when her ex-husband, Holger Holzz, refused to leave their home once their divorce was final.  She considered him violent and lazy.  Solution?  Carranza quietly approached Holz as he sat at his computer, aimed a .22 caliber Beretta and shot him in the back of his head.

Just two short years later, her boyfriend was the next to go, and in a startlingly similar manner.  It began when Carranza went to confront him about his alleged affair and ended when she unloaded several bullets into the back of his skull.

Both Carranza’s victims were shot in the head with the same gun.  Both were dismembered with a chainsaw, and their body parts were stored in a freezer before being hidden in ice cream tubs filled with cement under the floor of her shop. She even thought to hang air fresheners to disguise smell of human decomposition.

When neighbors asked about the noise caused by the chainsaw, she reportedly told them it was the sound of a new ice cream machine in the ice cream parlor she owned and ran.  Hence the name, the “Ice Cream Killer.”

If it hadn’t been for her renovation plan, she may have gotten away with both murders.  Luckily, local workmen found both men’s body parts in her basement.

But fate wasn’t through with her.  The day she was arrested for double murder, Carrna discovered she was pregnant by a new lover. Carranza was sentenced to life behind bars and gave birth to her baby, a son, in a correctional institution in 2012.  The son has lived with his father, who married Carranza, his whole life.

In the newest twist, Carranza, now 38, is set to be transferred to an male prison in Austria.  Authorities are of the mind she is far too dangerous to be housed in a women’s facility.  Carranza is first female prisoner to be incarcerated in the male facility, which currently holds 91 men. Thirteen additional female inmates will be transferred there in the near future.

But don’t worry too much, Carranza always thinks of everything.  After all, this is the woman who, after dismembering and disposing of a corpse, had the foresight to get a manicure so no one would notice or inquire about her damaged nails.

[Feature Photo: BBC/YouTube]