Florida cop eyed in musician’s death ** Warning: AUDIO OF SHOOTING**

An undercover police officer that killed a black man in 2015 was reportedly caught in a lie about the fatal night. It’s been revealed that Nouman Raja actually fired two rounds before calling for backup, when he claimed to have fired the second round during the 911 call.

According to a report by the Orlando Weekly, a phone call that revealed the discrepancy has recently been uncovered.

Drummer Corey Jones was on his way home from a gig when his car broke down on October 18, 2015. Jones attempted to call AT&T roadside assistance six times before reaching an operator. He was on the phone with the company when Raja approached the car and opened the door. The officer can be heard on the recording asking Jones if he was alright. The man replied that he was, and then Raja can be heard yelling to Jones to put his hands in the air.

That’s when Jones began to run from Raja. The phone continued to record the incident. That’s when Raja fired three times at Jones. Shortly after, the officer fired three more shots.

It wasn’t until he fired the second round that Raja called 911 for back up.

During the dispatch call, Raja can be heard yelling to Jones to put down his weapon. He told the 911 operator that he could no longer see Jones.

The controversy comes when Raja is recorded during an interview after the incident in which he told authorities that he only fired the second round after phoning for back up.

The officer was dressed in civilian clothes and at no point did he identify himself as police.

Nouman Raja was fired three weeks after the incident. He originally faced a manslaughter charge, but it was dropped.


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