Former NFL ‘Nudie’ spotted again

Stanley Wilson II cannot seem to keep his clothes on

Back in June, former Detroit Lion Stanley Wilson II was shot in the stomach when he was busted trespassing while naked at an Oregon residence. But apparently the nude intruder hasn’t learned his lesson: Last week: Wilson was found skulking around a home in the Portland, Oregon, area, completely naked.

According to the Oregonian, the former NFL runningback has been in jail since January 10, unable to post bail. Police reportedly responded to a disturbance call, and found Wilson traipsing around in the buff outside a stranger’s home. He remains in custody on $160,000 bail.

Last June, Mr. Wilson was shot while allegedly trying to burglarize another home in the Portland area. Again, Wilson was in the nude, and took a bullet from the homeowner to the abdomen, but did not suffer life-threatening injuries, and the shooter was not charged. Wilson was arrested on multiple charges in June before being released, and was indicted in July on unrelated charges of aggravated assault and disorderly conduct for spitting on a campus police officer.

Wilson reportedly is not facing any new charges relating to the recent incident though he has violated several terms of his earlier release, including testing positive for methamphetamines and failing to complete a court-ordered substance abuse treatment program. .

Mr. Wilson’s father, who shares his name, played for the Cincinnati Bengals and may be best known for missing the Super Bowl in 1989 after his coach caught him snorting cocaine the night before — a repeat violation that would get him banned from the league. He has spent most of his post-NFL years in drug rehab or prison.