Parents desperate to find their missing UKMC student daughter

URGENT: Toni’s mom says she will do anything to find her missing girl, her only daughter.

URGENT:  Toni’s mom says she will do anything to find her missing girl, her only daughter.

“It’s so hard, such a beautiful, bright, young woman. I just want to find her.” she said.

The story begins early Sunday morning when a text was sent from Toni’s cell phone stating, “omg just just pulled over again.”  At first, police could find no record of a traffic stop related to Toni Anderson, 20, but now, Kansas City, Missouri police have determined Toni Anderson was in fact pulled over by North Kansas City PD.

What happened next remains a mystery.

Toni was registered and set to begin college classes at UMKC on Tuesday.

“It’s not like her…You pretty much always know where she’s at…It’s just been a horrible nightmare,” Toni’s mother, Liz Anderson, said. “And I know any parent going through this is just horrified.”

According to friends, Toni left work early Sunday morning and planned to meet a friend at  a local QuikTrip. She never made it.  Then came the text to her best friend, Roxanne, about being pulled over by cops.

“We’ve called every police station, every jail, every hospital, and no one seems to have her,” Roxanne Townsend said.

Disturbingly, reportedly an unrelated woman just recently posted to a warning about a blue Ford truck impersonating police near  I-70. “Toni’s residence,… is twenty minutes [away}…, so she would have been somewhere on I-70,” reiterated Townsend.

KCPD are searching for security footage and Ton’s black Ford Focus with Sedgwick County, Kansas tags.

The Anderson family is from Wichita, but for now, Toni’s mother, Liz, is staying with friends in Kansas City, as she devotes all her time and energy to finding her daughter.

“Please do whatever you can. Please,” begs Toni’s mom, Liz.

Toni was last seen in a 2014 Ford Focus with Kansas, with license plate number, 989-GAX.

If you have information regarding the whereabouts of Toni Anderson, please call TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

[Feature Photo: Liz Anderson/Handout]