Robin Thicke custody allegations

High-profile family attorney and author, Randall Kessler, gives his take on the current allegations of child abuse against Robin Thicke.

Robin Thicke is apparently truly in the “thick” of an ugly custody battle. Often, parents disagree about how much time children should spend with each parent.  But when they fight hard, sometimes it gets ugly. In fact, some would say there are “blurred lines” between appropriate and inappropriate claims.  Unfortunately sometimes false claims are made about a parent. I am not saying that is the case here, I have no idea and it would be inappropriate for me to judge.

But when there is a claim of wrongdoing, abuse towards a child, everyone’s first inclination, appropriately, is to protect the child.  And whether Paula Patton’s claims are true or not, first things first, let’s protect the children. The fact that the judge did not immediately restrain Mr. Thicke from being alone with their son does seem to indicate that there was not sufficient evidence to convince the judge of risk to the child.  Yet, if more evidence surfaces, courts have no restrictions on changing their orders after further evidence is presented.  But one thing is clear. A large stone has been cast in the direction of Mr. Thicke.  And certainly he will continue to defend himself.

Often parents “defend” themselves by returning fire and throwing stones back. And of course this makes things much worse.  I wish these parents, and more importantly their son, peace and calm and a wonderful relationship with both parents.  If there has been “excessive discipline” as reported, I imagine it will decrease. And if the allegations are false, I hope the family can get beyond it. These issues often linger for years, especially when the allegations are made public and are about public figures.

And while a custody case is no time for cute puns, the truth is, I hope these parties have thick skins, they will need it. They will need to let allegations roll off their back and focus on coparenting.  And given their past successes, let’s hope their current efforts to resolve this custody dispute is a success.

[Feature Photo: AP/Chris Pizzello/Invision]