Atlantis Luxury Resort to the stars nasty bedbug lawsuit

A guest is suing the luxury resort for medical costs and mental anguish

A dream Bahamas vacation turned into a nightmare for a woman who says her luxury resort quarters were infested by nasty bedbugs.

Cindi Avila is suing the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas after allegedly waking up the the first morning of her vacation last year covered in bed bug bites — some that she claims left scars.

“Day four or five after the bed bug bites and it just gets more miserable by the second. I really have never been in so much pain in my life,” Avila told NBC Miami.

Avila says in the suit that she found the infestation when she lifted the mattress on her bed, and is accusing the hotel of failing to properly change the bedskirt. Avila took a video of what appears to be bedbugs on the bedskirt, and shared it with TMZ.

Avila is suing for damages related to mental anguish and medical costs. In a statement to NBC Miami, the hotel accused Avila “threatened intimidation in the media” if her demands were not met, a charge her attorney denies. She is reportedly seeing $15,000 in damages.

According to TMZ, Atlantis Resort compensated Avila for her stay and offered to reimburse her for her medical bills. But that wasn’t enough for the nightmare that Avila allegedly endured. A representative for the hotel told TMZ that Atlantic “immediately took the room out of service, brought in the property’s professional pest company to eradicate the problem.”

But that might not be enough to convince skittish travelers to book a stay there anytime soon.


Photo: Associated Press