Bombshell! California woman disappears days after kidnap escape; some compared it to Sherri Papini

When a woman was found partially nude and bound by duct tape on a Los Angeles street, it brought comparisons to last November’s kidnapping of Sherri Papini. As with Papini, the woman told police her abductors were two hispanic women.

While the similarities captured headlines, has exclusively confirmed that investigators have found no connection between the southern California case and Papini’s northern California kidnapping.

“There is no evidence to indicate that these suspects were involved in the Panini case up north,” said Los Angeles Police Detective Richard Yep.

But there is a new twist in the case. Investigators can’t find the woman after she checked out of a hospital, where she was being treated for the trauma inflicted by her ordeal. “She didn’t leave a phone number, so we can’t really call her,” Yep said. The are “in the process of trying to locate her.”

Finding the woman, who is in her 20s, is important because police want to ask her about new information they’ve uncovered. Her initial story that she did not know her kidnappers is now questioned.

“It was not a stranger-type kidnap,” Yep said. “There was a relationship between the victim and the suspects.” Investigators know the identify of the woman, he said.

Investigators also believe that contrary to what they first told reporters, she was not forced into the women’s vehicle. “She went willingly with these woman and whatever else happened, happened,” Det. Yep said.

As for the woman’s claim the she was abducted with the intent of forcing her into prostitution, Yep said local residents should have no fear of of a sex slave ring kidnapping them. “Definitely not, that’s not going on out here in Van Nuys,” he said.

Papini was found bruised and bound near a northern California highway on last Thanksgiving Day, three weeks after she went missing while jogging in Shasta County, California.

“Definitely not, that’s not going on out here in Van Nuys,” he said.

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