Caught on Video: Wheelchair-bound grandmother shot during gun battle

The beloved neighbor was known as the ‘Candy Lady’

A 68-year-old Washington, D.C.-area woman confined to a wheelchair was shot and killed when she got caught in gun crossfire on her way to the grocery store.

Vivian Marrow, beloved neighbor and grandmother of 11 who was known in her community as the “Candy Lady,” was in her electric wheelchair at the Forest Ridge Apartment complex when gunfire erupted in broad daylight. The tragic ordeal was caught on the apartment complex surveillance camera, as two suspects can be seen running down the same sidewalk where Ms. Marrow is moving slowly in her wheelchair. As the suspects shoot at each other, she is caught in the crossfire. Marrow’s loved ones have organized a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for funeral costs.


Based on the video evidence, none of the people involved in the shooting attended to the fallen women, though one person does appear to pause and view the woman after her wheelchair tips over, before running off. Watch the surveillance footage here:

The suspect accused of shooting Ms. Marrow is reportedly still on the loose. Another man was treated for injuries at a nearby hospital and is expected to survive.

The District of Columbia interim police chief has urged the person responsible for the killing to come forward.

“I’ll even say to the person who is responsible, ‘You need to come in and tell us what you did,’ ” interim chief Peter Newsham  said at a news conference Tuesday. “You’ve taken a woman out of our community who had no business losing her life.”