Dashcam video captures knife carrying man ignoring cop pleas before he is shot and killed

The suspect was clearly warned, again and again

Fort Collins, Colorado, police officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing in the deadly shooting of a suspect after video recorded at the scene shows the suspect repeatedly ignoring the officers’ warnings to drop his weapon or face the consequences.

In August of 2016, Fort Collins police were called to the home of Jerry Lee Jackson’s soon-to-be-ex-wife, who called 911 after Jackson, 63 and with an extensive police record, was threatening her with a knife.

On video that appears to be recorded from one of the officer’s body cameras, three officers can be heard repeatedly trying to talk Jackson into dropping his weapon. The video shows that Jackson did not listen to the warnings and continued to advance towards the officers. The officers first tried to disable him with stun gun, but the suspect continued to walk towards the officers, still brandishing a knife. The video shows the officers speaking clear, unambiguous warnings at Jackson: “Do not do it, I’m gonna shoot you man.” Eventually, officers began to fire shots and the suspect was killed.

An independent panel reviewed the officers action cleared them of any improper behavior.

“I see this actually as exemplary training,” Fort Collins Police Chief John Hutto told Fox 31 Denver. “These officers did everything that they should have done in trying to avoid this outcome.”

Mr. Jackson had an extensive criminal history going back to the early 1990s — though this was his first violent offense — and was well know to local law enforcement officials.

The independent panel looked at the video, history of death threats, ignoring restraining orders and felt the policeman involved in the shooting had acted properly. Watch the video here: