Drug lord lands in U.S. – Will Hollywood’s Sean Penn, visit (again)?

Here’s to life behind bars, Guzman.

Notorious Mexican drug lord and murderer, El Chapo, is headed to the U.S. The feared drug king-pin has been extradited to U.S. soil to face charges here after his infamous escape from a sham of a prison in Mexico. He then lived the high life while on the run.

El Chapo, born Joaquin Guzman, has taken off from a Mexican airstrip, winging his way to a federal prison. According to The Foreign Relations Department in Mexico, “The government… today handed Mr. Guzman to the US authorities.”

The decision to ship El Chapo to the U.S. overruled the drug lord’s lawyers desperate attempt to keep him within Mexican borders where he was reportedly treated like a king.

It is reported the dope-king will land at the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn.

A government justice report once stated prison guards at MDC slammed and twisted detainees’ arms and wrists, and subjected them to humiliating strip searches.

How will that sit with the most notorious drug lord/murderer Mexico has ever seen? A man who made millions off infecting Americans with drugs? Will he actually complain the guards twisted his arm?

Guzman will likely be tried in the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York, also in Brooklyn. The rationale behind that choice is that it is one of seven jurisdictions with indictments against him and based on its track record, prosecutors there have the greatest likelihood of getting a conviction to keep Guzman behind bars.

The indictment charges Guzman with running the huge drug trafficking cartel, raking in billions of dollars in dope money, all laundered and sent back into Mexico where Guzman lived like royalty.

It also accuses Guzman of hiring hit men to carry out multiple murders, torture and kidnappings.

Last year, the seeming master of escape, broke out of Mexico’s Altiplano “maximum-security” prison after a one-mile tunnel was constructed, literally under the noses of prison guards, leading directly into the bathroom of El Chapo’s private prison cell.

He had already escaped from a different prison in 2001 and was re-arrested in 2014.
He was taken back to Altiplano after his January arrest, then later transferred.

But will the drug lord and feared killer get another visit from Hollywood’s Sean Penn? Someone plunked down $32,854 to fly Penn, along with actress Kate del Castillo, via private plane to rendezvous with the drug lord, reportedly.

In Guadalajara, they were picked up by a Chapo rep, says Penn in Rolling Stone. They arrived at a “dirt airfield” where Chapo’s own son, Alfredo, helped them to a secret location to meet Guzman. The meeting resulted, according to many, in the location and recapture of El Chapo.

Guzman’s capture was within 24 hours of Rolling Stone’s article detailing Sean Penn’s “secret” meeting with Guzman. Mexican officials made no secret El Chapo’s vanity was his undoing. His obsession with a Hollywood movie about himself left a trail for law enforcement, leading directly to the billionaire thug.

Here’s to life behind bars, Guzman.