Killer executed for the murder of an entire family shares one last word

Gray allegedly slashed the throats of two young girls

A man convicted of killing a family of four in a 2006 New Year’s Day bloodbath was executed in Virginia on Wednesday.

Ricky Gray, 39, died of a lethal injection at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia. He was convicted of killing the well-known and well-liked Harvey family in a home invasion turned murder scene on January 1, 2006.

Bryan and Kathryn Harvey and their two daughters, Stella, 9, and Ruby, 4, were in their Richmond home on New Year’s Day when Gray and his nephew, Ray Dandridge, entered the home through an open front door as they were searching for homes to burglarize. But the home invasion turned deadly, and all four family members were found with their throats slashed and heads beaten in the basement of the home, which was set on fire. Gray and Dandridge reportedly took a basket of cookies from the home as part of their loot.

Gray also reportedly confessed to participating in three other murders, including a young woman who had acted as an accomplice in the others. He was not tried for those murders. The convicted killer reportedly claimed to be high on PCP during the Harvey murders and had little recollection of them. His attorneys tried unsuccessfully to gets his death sentence reduced on the grounds that he was high on drugs and a childhood victim of sexual abuse.

Asked if he had any final words to share before his lethal injection, Gray simply said, “Nope.”