Superstar Singer robbed of $4.8 million

Isn’t it ironic when the person you hire to manage your money steals it?

You oughta know it’s not a good idea to try and pull one over on Alanis Morissette.

The former business manager of the  superstar singer admitted on Wednesday to bilking $4.8 million from her accounts over the past four years as well as $1.7 million from other client’s accounts. Johnathan Schwartz, the well known and respected business manager for Ms. Mrrissette and at one time also Beyonce and Mariah Carey, may have to serve up to six years in prison and pay restitution of $8.2 million.

Morrissette fired her former business manager last year and sued him for theft, accusing him of draining her accounts while simultaneously assuring her she was in excellent financial shape and did not need to worry about money. An investigation into Schwartz handling of her accounts reportedly uncovered numerous transfers in support Mr. Schwartz extravagant lifestyle and gambling debts. Schwartz initially told his colleagues at GSO Business Management that Morissette had told him to divert money into a marijuana grow business, something Morrissette denied.

Morissette’s suit against Schwartz was settled in June of 2016. He will appear in court to face criminal charges on February 1.


Photo: Associated Press