Woman plowed down by school bus, video state’s exhibit #1?

Surveillance that caught an accident in Brooklyn on Friday was released by the NYC Scanner on Twitter, showing a woman being plowed down when a yellow school bus made a quick right-turn.

The New York Post reports that 43-year-old Ayse Ayaz was crossing the intersection of Nostrand Avenue and Avenue M on Friday, when a school bus driver, operating a Type A “mini” yellow school bus, decided to make a quick turn. The bus struck Ayaz, and the impact was so severe that she was slammed onto the pavement. The bus pulled Ayaz under and the kept driving a few feet before stopping.

Ayaz, who survived the ordeal, said that the bus was going way too fast and that she couldn’t move out of the way in time. Regardless, she claimed she’s happy to be alive after the traumatic experience.

“When I opened my eyes in the emergency room, I don’t know how many hours later, I was so shocked that I was still alive. It’s a miracle. Thank God I’m still alive.”

Since Ayaz’s injuries weren’t considered critical, the NYPD Collision Investigating Squad didn’t respond to the scene. Yet, for Ayaz, the situation was dire.

“It was so tight and squished, and then I wasn’t breathing. When he hit me, he didn’t stop. In the last minute, before my breathing stopped, my children were turning up in my thoughts.”

The bus driver remained on the scene after the accident, and will not face any charges. No one else was injured in the incident.