Arrest of Orlando cop shooter suspect video released

The suspect was apprehended after a nine-day manhunt

The video showing the arrest of murder suspect Markeith Loyd was released by the Orlando police on Thursday. Mr. Loyd had been the focus of an intense nine-day manhunt in the Orlando area after he shot a police officer on January 9. At the time of the shooting he was under suspicion fo the death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Loyd was finally apprehended on Tuesday.

The video secured by CBS affiliate WKMG and taken from a police helicopter shows Loyd crawling across the front yard of a vacant house to the street in the direction of several police officers and cars.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina said at a press conference Tuesday that Loyd had been wearing body armor and that arresting officers were concerned he might be concealing something in response to reporters questions about the apparent injuries Mr. Loyd sustained during his arrest. Loyd was found with two guns, one that held over 100 rounds of ammunition, and large bag of ammunition under his body.

Mina said that the arresting officers had to use force because Loyd ignored their instructions. He also indicated that there will be an investigation into how the arrest was conducted.

Mina described Loyd as a “violent, dangerous, and unpredictable” individual and said the arresting officers showed “incredible restraint.”

Mr. Loyd was in court on Thursday to face charges of first degree murder and unlawful killing of an unborn child for the December 13th death of his ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon. He also faces charges for the shooting death of Orlando police officer Debra Clayton on January 9th. Another Orlando officer died in a motorcycle accident during the police pursuit of the suspect.

At the court appearance, one of Loyd’s eyes was covered with a bandage. He was defiant, insisting that the charges against him were “made up” and complained of rough treatment by the officers, claiming he complied with their instructions during the arrest.

Loyd stated, “They done took my eye, broke my nose, broke my jaw.” He told the judge, “I did not resist s—. They just did that s— and they’re trying to hide it from the news people. But I’m here right now.”