Dog owner charged with manslaughter after mauling death of 6-year-old boy

An Atlanta, Georgia, man is facing reckless conduction and felony involuntary manslaughter charges following a dog attack which killed a young boy, 6, and left a girl, 5, in critical condition.

Authorities say Cameron Tucker’s three dogs — a pit bull mix, border collie, and an unidentified breed — approached eleven children Tuesday morning as an adult took them to a bus stop, according to WAGA.

Logan Braatz, 6, was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Syrai Sanders, 5, was severely injured in the attack and required emergency surgery. Officials said Sanders’ scalp was severed from her skull during the mauling. A third child sustained minor injuries.

Logan’s mother Angelica Braatz told the station her son died trying to shield Sanders. “That’s what he did he protected everybody that’s what he did,” she said.

Witnesses described a horrific scene as they tried to ward off the dogs. Neighbors came out with bats and knives after hearing the children’s screams. Amid the chaos, children attempted to treat their injured classmates.

“I run up on the girl. She had been mauled very badly,” neighbor Angie Smith told WSB-TV. “I ran to the baby and when I looked down at her, I knew there was nothing that I could do.”

“I chased the dog away from the kids, and I noticed the second child, a little boy, his unconscious body laying down in the grass,” Shamonta Clayton recalled. “I picked the child’s body up because his mom couldn’t do nothing but sit there and just cry.”

Cameron Tucker
[Photo: Fultoun County PD]

Sanders was listed in critical, but stable condition as of Tuesday night. Cimque Axam, Tucker’s Defense Attorney, said the Tucker, 31,  is a warehouse manager and family man who doesn’t let his dogs run loose.

Axam said, “They are family dogs so they are with kids all the time. So when I say Mr. Tucker is shocked and saddened, he is shocked that he would have his kids around dogs that have been accused of what happened.  It’s a tragic event.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tucker was originally charged with two counts of reckless conduct but an involuntary manslaughter charge was added before his court appearance.

Tucker’s bond was set at $70,000. He is ordered to not be near animals or the victim’s family.

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