Jules Wainstein

Real Housewife eviction

Dodged rent?

Real Housewives of New York star Jules Wainstein is being evicted from her New York apartment after rent was reportedly not paid on the residence.

According to Radar Online, Jules’ estranged husband owed their landlord over $71,000 in rent. The landlord is requesting the family to vacate their apartments on the 3rd and 4th floors.

Jules was reportedly given the eviction notice on January 5, and she had only six days to pack up and move out of her home. She claimed that it was her husband’s responsibility to pay for the rent on the apartments, and that she had idea that her husband was not making rent each month.

“I came home with my children and was shocked to find an eviction notice. I was advised by Petitioner, I am not the tenant of record. Upon information and belief, Michael, my estranged husband, is the tenant of the premises pursuant to a lease agreement.”

Jules insisted that she was not served. She claimed that she was unaware of the nonpayment proceedings against her.  Jules says that the first attempted serve was on Yom Kippur, which fell on Wednesday, October 12, 2016. She says she received no warning on October 13, November 7, or November 8 of 2016. Her response to the proceedings is that the petitioner waited too long to serve her.

“The looming eviction was all the more shocking because I am going through a contentious divorce and the Supreme Court has ordered Michael to pay ongoing rent. Petitioner improperly allowed the rental arrears to accrue for too long without taking action. Petitioner has breached the warranty of habitability and, therefore, this Court should order a rent abatement.”

Michael Wainstein said that he did not receive notice in time to answer the notice of nonpayment.

Reportedly, Jules’ attorney Allan Mayefsky said in court that Michael had only paid rent for his floor of the apartments.

[Feature Photo: AP/Evan Agostini/Invision]