Super Bowl Showdown: Brother stabbed dead

Sibling rivalry taken way too far

Two brothers got into a fight that ended with one of them dead over Sunday’s NFL playoff game.

Robert Boyer, 40, stabbed his brother, Justin Dale, 46, to death in Las Vegas, Nevada, per New York Daily News.

Reportedly, the brothers had friends over for the ball game. What should have been friendly banter over a football game turned into a deadly fight when the brothers started to yell at each other. Things escalated after the Cowboys lost the game. Complex reports that a roommate reportedly tried to intervene. He separated the brothers but not for long. The argument became more heated and Justin Boyer continued to fight with his brother. Not long after he started to physically attack Robert.

Authorities said that Robert Boyer feared for his life and pulled out a knife. It’s thought that RObert stabbed his brother out of self-defense.

News3LV reports that a neighbor found Robert Lewis at his front door with stab wounds at around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday night. Lewis commented on the incident, saying he couldn’t believe what had taken place.

“I’m passionate. I’m an Eagles fan and I’m passionate about my Eagles but to get to that level over a ballgame is just crazy. Unreal, unbelievable.”

Lewis’ wife also saw the man on her porch and commented on the incident as well.

“He just asked for help. He was moaning he needed help. He was obviously intoxicated. He was just begging for help.”

Justin Boyer, who had been visiting his brother from North Dakota, was taken to Spring Valley Hospital and then to University Medical Center (UMC). Boyer later died from his wounds.

His brother was taken to UMC, as well, where he was treated for his injuries.

The death was ruled a homicide although the authorities who interviewed Robert have stated that he had stabbed his brother in self-defense.

It has also been stated that Justin Boyer may have suffered from a mental illness, which may have caused him to react violently.

[Feature Photo: News 31V]