Video: pedophile caught luring two young children away

“Every parent’s worst nightmare”

Unnerving surveillance footage captured the moment a pedophile lured two children away from an Australian child day care center before sexually assaulting them.

According to Crimefeed, Vincenzo Mule, 53,  persuaded two children, a 4-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy, to leave with him from their child-care center on April 19.

The center’s staff didn’t notice that the children were missing, and it wasn’t until a stranger found the two abandoned in a nearby public park that police were contacted.

After reviewing the footage, which a detective reportedly referred to as “every parent’s worst nightmare,” a manhunt for the culprit that committed this heinous act ensued. The CCTV footage showing the two children following Mule down the sidewalk was released, and the pedophile was captured.

Mule forced both of the small children to perform oral sex on him, and he performed oral sex on the girl. After the attack, Mule took the children to a nearby public park where he left them their alone.

Initially, Mule pleaded “not guilty” to the charges he faced. When Mule appeared in court on Thursday, however, he pleaded “guilty” to three counts of sexual penetration of a child under 13 and two counts of deprivation of liberty.

The Mirror reports that staff members at the childcare center noticed a man sitting outside the center in a public park smoking right before the children were lured away. The staff notified supervisors of the man, but did not have any authority to ask the man to leave since he was in a public park.

At a State Administrative Tribunal hearing, which was held to scrutinize the child care center’s procedures, it was ruled that since the children were not under continual observation, the supervision of the center did not meet the “standard required.”

The center was fined over AUD$40,000, and later shut down voluntarily.

[Feature Photo: CCTV]