Wife viciously stabs husband’s teenage mistress six times

A secret affair and vicious taunts led to violence

An 18-year-old UK wife who stabbed her husband’s teen mistress at least six times, was sentenced yesterday to serve three years in a juvenile detention center.

The Manchester Evening News reports that on April 10, 2015, Natasha Khan attacked Leah Cryne, 18, when they crossed each other’s paths in a local park. Allegedly, Cryne was having an affair with Khan’s husband, Hamza Farid. Khan is accused of stabbing Cryne across the shoulder and arms, an attack that led to the victim being hospitalized for weeks.

Police interviewed the victim at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, and shortly after, arrested Khan at the nearby St. Mary’s Hospital. Khan was at St. Mary’s checking in on her premature baby, who had life-threatening medical complications. The baby has since passed away.

According to court records, the stabbing occurred just a few days after the two women argued over the phone. Cryne allegedly told Khan that she hopes her baby dies, which infuriated the mom.

“I hope your son dies and when he does I’m going to dig him up and spit on him.”

On Thursday, Khan was sentenced to three years and four months at a youth offender program. Prior to sentencing, she “admitted to wrongdoing with intent.” A restraining order was also placed against Khan, which prevents her from having contact with Cryne for life.

‘They found Leah lying on the floor with her arms covered in blood and blood running down her face,” said prosecutor, Vanessa Thompson. “Leah said she knew her attacker as Natasha and she was with Hamza Farid. She told the officer there was animosity between her and Natasha because Leah had slept with Hamza.”

Thompson also said that after Khan stabbed Cryne repeatedly, she warned the victim to not say “boo” to her again.

“She recalled the defendant coming out of the park with Mr Farid, saw Leah and again made reference that she had slept with him. She took out an implement and began stabbing at her repeatedly. Leah screamed at the defendant to stop and eventually she did – but then told her “not to say boo to her again.”