EMS worker accused of mutilating, decapitating family dog

A Columbus, North Carolina, EMS employee was fired for allegedly decapitating and skinning a 9-year-old Shiloh Shepherd.

A Polk County family reported the dog, named Goliath, missing. They later found out the dog was fatally run over by an ambulance on Jan. 9, according to WLOS. The family claimed they received a disturbing photo of the canine’s desecrated body on the back of a truck.

Michael Purdy, who was off duty at the time, is accused of taking Goliath to a local hospital and telling people he was a wolf. From there, Purdy skinned and decapitated Goliath, according to WNCN. Goliath’s body was returned to the family for burial days later.

“I’ve been told that he was picked up off the side of the road, brought to the hospital, playing as a joke to all the people that it’s a wolf, but to me, it sounded like he knew it was a dog,” a family member told WLOS. “I would’ve never thought somebody would hit him and pick him up thinking he’s a wolf after looking at him up close even though he had shaved legs and a shaved underbelly.”

A county worker also told WLOS that Purdy was terminated as an EMS worker on Jan. 11 for “unacceptable and detrimental personal conduct.” The termination letter claimed Purdy lied to authorities investigating the incident.

Purdy was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two counts of resist, obstruct, and delay. WNCN pointed out that the ex-EMS employee isn’t facing any charges for mutilating the dog because North Carolina laws don’t deal with the treatment of an animal’s dead body.

“It would be my position that he had to have known that this was someone’s family pet,” Polk County District Attorney Greg Newman told WYFF. “We checked the law to see if there was any violation of any criminal law dealing with the corpse of an animal. There just aren’t any laws that speak to this situation. Trust me, we looked. Maybe there need to be.”

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]