‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’: New Jersey resident with 888 toll violations owes more than $56,000

You’re not supposed to go through the E-Z Pass lane if you don’t have an E-Z pass account

A New Jersey man has been accused of dodging tolls to the tune of $56,000.

Alesandel Rodriquez, 31, was arrested as he tried to slip through the E-Z Pass toll lane on the George Washington Bridge going into New York City. Port Authority police stopped him when they noticed he had no front or rear license plate. The car had a temporary license tag on the back windshield, but it had expired on December 15.

A follow-up investigation revealed that Mr. Rodriquez’s E-Z Pass account had been revoked. Port Authority police told NJ.com that he nonetheless managed to get away without paying tolls over 800 times — 888 to be exact. Rodriguez was charged with theft of service for his toll0evading actions and is on the hook for his outstanding toll payment of over $56,000. His 2014 Toyota Camry was impounded.

Just last week, another New Jersey man was arrested on his way to an Aruba vacation on charges that he owed over $1 million in E-Z Pass tolls. Lester Morales runs a trucking company and reportedly had 100 vehicles pass through the tolls each day on a delinquent E-Z pass account. His attorney categorized the exorbitant outstanding debt as “clerical in nature.”