Uma Thurman’s ex asked about addiction to prostitutes as custody battle heats up

In the latest round of the Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson custody case, Thurman’s ex-fiancé, Busson, was questioned about an alleged prostitute addiction and threats he made to his ex-partner, supermodel  Elle Macpherson. Uma and Busson are in a custody battle over their 4-year-old daughter, Altalune “Luna” Florence.

Busson was asked by Thurman’s lawyer, Eleanor Alter, if he had an “addiction to prostitutes,” and if he had threatened Macpherson to the point she wore a wire to record their conversations. Busson’s lawyer quickly objected to both questions.

Busson did confirm that he pressured Macpherson to reveal private information about conversations with Thurman, and vice versa, claiming he did so to protect his relationship with the former supermodel and mother of two of his children.

“Uma has a lot of hostility against me and I worked very hard to establish the relationship with the mother of my two boys after a difficult time. I did not want her to poison the relationship,” Busson said, according to the Daily Mail.

Busson spoke about difficulties he faced arranging visits with Luna, even though he said her mother often left her in the care of nannies. Busson testified that in November 2015, Luna suffered an injury while with her nannies and had to get several stitches in her eye. He claimed that one of the nannies took Luna to a plastic surgeon to get stitches and Uma didn’t go with her. Busson claims he saw photos of Uma at the beach with Andres Balazs instead of watching their daughter when the incident took place. He said Thurman did not bother to let him know of the accident until later.

Busson also said that he attempted to have overnight visits with Luna but was constantly blocked by Thurman.

“Every time that I’m supposed to see Luna there is major drama,” Busson said according to Page Six.

On January 13th, Busson’s lawyers claimed that Thurman had taken medications to treat depression and mental illness, and allegedly consumed alcohol while on medication.

The judge shut down any questions about alcohol, claiming it would have a negative impact on their daughter, who may one day read about this custody battle.


Photo: Associated Press