VIDEO: White nationalist Richard Spencer sucker-punched during DC protests

A video posted online showed Spencer, 38, answering questions at 14th and K Street about his ties to Neo-Nazism and the meaning of a “Pepe the Frog” pin he was wearing before he was attacked. The Anti-Defamation League deemed the internet meme was a hate symbol due to its widespread use by racists and anti-Semites, according to CNN.

“I’ve given conferences for ages and we’ll usually expect some protesters. They’ll do Silly String or something like that,” Spencer is heard telling reporters before protesters bombard him with questions about whether or not he “likes Black people.”

“I was just physically assaulted twice by antifas [anti-fascists]. No serious damage. I can take a punch,” Spencer tweeted, according to USA Today.

Spencer claimed he was with two filmmakers who are making a documentary on the afternoon in question.

“It was absolutely terrible,” the Alt-Right leader told the CNN hours after the assault. “I’ve certain[ly] never had this happen before — a sucker punch in broad daylight.”

TIME reports Spencer also took to Periscope after the incident to call the assault “serious,” “terrible,” and “occurring in the most cowardly fashion possible.”

D.C. police said an investigation isn’t opened at this point in time. However, Spencer called 911 at the scene and claimed he will file a police report.

Users critical of Spencer have since taken the video and remixed it into songs including “Born in the USA,” “My Heart Will Go On,” and “Gangnam Style.”

[Feature Photo: AP/David J. Phillip]