Man kills wife in tragic case of mistaken identity

Billy Williams thought his wife was a burglar

A North Carolina man shot what he thought was a home intruder — and ended up killing his own wife.

Gina Williams had reportedly been at work for an overnight shift when she arrived home Friday morning much earlier than expected. The couple’s daughter noticed that someone was trying to come through the front door, and alerted her father, Billy Williams.

Believing that an intruder was trying to enter the home, Williams retrieved a gun from a safe and shot at the front door. His wife Gina took a bullet to the neck, and tragically died.

Mr. Williams reportedly tried to revive his wife, and was administering first aid on the porch when deputies arrived to the home. But it was too late for Gina Williams.

The grieving husband posted a message on Facebook in response to the tragedy. He wrote that his wife’s last words were “I love you,” and said, “I am dying inside and none of this seems real. Gina is the rock of our family and the most compassionate, loving person I have ever known. She loves her family so much and Darcie and Alexis are the apples of her eye.

“This is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life.”

According to a local CBS affiliate, no charges have been filed and authorities are treating the incident as an accidental shooting.