Pacman Jones

‘I hope you all die’: NFL star’s rant in back of cop cruiser caught on video

Newly-released surveillance footage showed Cincinnati Bengals’ Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones yelling profanities at Cincinnati police officers inside the police cruiser after he was arrested for headbutting a police officer on January 3.

The 20 minute-long video shows a handcuffed Jones in the backseat of the cruiser. He’s heard yelling profanities at the police officer in the front seat of the car, according to a report by FOX News. The football player also wished death on one of the police officers.

“I hope you die tomorrow.”

Jones reportedly was being so difficult during booking that authorities had to hold him down in a restraining chair.

The football player was angry because he felt that he didn’t deserve to be locked up. Upon release, Jones apologized for what happened at the hotel, but also said that he felt that what he did didn’t deserve an arrest.

Jones was arrested on January 3 at around 12:30 p.m. The Bengals’ star reportedly banged on doors at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati. When confronted by the security guard, he yelled profanities at the man and poked him in the eye.

Court documents revealed that when police responded to the incident, the football player continued to be combative. Jones reportedly kicked and headbutted a police officer when the officer attempted to put him into the vehicle.

Jones received a felony charge for harassment with a bodily substance after he spat on a nurse’s hand while being processed at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

The football player was charged twice in the past for spitting in women’s faces. He has a long history of running into the law. Jones has been arrested for a number of charges; a lot of them involving fighting in nightclubs. In one instance in 2007, he was suspended from the NFL for a year and ordered to perform 75 hours of community service after a man he was with at a nightclub opened fire, wounding two people.

Jones’ other charges include misdemeanors counts of assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing official business.

[Feature Photo: AP/John Minchillo, File]