Soon-to-be father faces jail time after EXPLOSIVE baby reveal

What’s the best way to let your friends and family know the gender of your soon to be born baby? Blue or pink balloons? A cute photo on Facebook with the baby’s name filled out? Showing off their first pair of shoes? It could be as simple as saying “It’s a [fill in the blank]!” But as one couple learned, explosive powder may not be the best way to go.

Jon Sterkel told the BBC that he used an explosive rifle target that sent up a cloud of blue smoke to celebrate the upcoming arrival of his baby boy, and to share the gender with friends and family.

But little did he know that the act could come with a $1,000 fine and a possible year in prison for setting off explosions without a permit.

The explosion was so loud it could be heard three miles away, spooking residents who ended up calling the police.

“The explosives I bought are readily available in most department stores, and even most law enforcers I have spoken to are not aware that they are illegal,” Mr. Sterkel told the BBC.

“I would like to say sorry for all of the confusion,” he continued. “I am a man of character and will willingly go to court if the district attorney chooses to prosecute me.”

[Featured Image via YouTube]