The ‘Bite of Politics’: Man bites off roomate’s ear during argument about Trump [VIDEO]

The alleged attacker was reportedly concerned he would be deported

It’s not only famous heavyweight boxers who bite off their opponent’s ear anymore — a fight over President Donald Trump reportedly led to an ear-biting fight between two Pittsburgh roommates.

Salatiel Marcos Ortiz, 30, returned to an apartment he shares with a roommate early Monday morning to find his roommate angry, agitated and apparently drunk. The roommate, who has not been named, had been watching President Trump on television and was reportedly concerned that he would be deported under Trump’s immigration policy.

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, both roommates are from Mexico, although Ortiz old the newspaper that the alleged attacker is in the U.S. illegally.

Shortly after Ortiz arrived home, he says his roommate confronted him, and soon became violent. The roommate allegedly broke Oritz’s finger and bit off his ear in addition to threatening to kill him. At that point, Mr. Oritz went to a local gas station for assistance.

“Anytime he is drinking beer, he is going crazy,” Ortiz told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Mr. Oritz’s ear was reportedly found at the apartment by the police and he was transported to a local hospital.

The biting roommate apparently fled the apartment and police are continuing to search for him.