Trading one prison for another: Man robs bank to keep from going home to wife

A Kansas City man went out of his way to get arrested

Every marriage has its ups and downs, but Lawrence Ripple was willing to serve hard time to get a break from his.

Ripple, 70, pled guilty on Monday to bank robbery after a September holdup at a Kansas City bank. According to a report in the Kansas City Star, Ripple handed a teller a note that said he had a gun and to hand over the cash. After he received close to $3,000 in cash, he didn’t flee — he went to the bank’s lobby and took a seat. When a security guard approached him, he told the guard he was the guy they were looking for.

Evidently, Ripple had an argument with his wife earlier in the day and decided he would rather go to prison than continue to live at home. Ripple reportedly told the police that he wrote the note he would later present to the bank teller in front of his wife, telling her precisely his intentions.

Ripple could face a sentence of up to 20 years. His wife, Endayon Ripple, accompanied her husband to the hearing on Monday but neither Mr. or Mrs. Ripple would answer reporter questions.


Photo: Wyandotte County Detention Center