‘Virtuous pedophile assaulted me when I was 10!’ Woman’s gut-wrenching claims to Dr. Phil

The former foster daughter of an Oregon man who calls himself a “virtuous pedophile,” appeared on a heart-wrenching episode of Dr. Phil on Monday, and claimed the man who swore to protect her ended molesting her.

Jasmine Holden, 20, was just 10 years old when her foster dad, Gary Gibson, allegedly began molesting her. Just weeks prior to the accusations, Gibson spoke publicly about being a pedophile who never acted on his urges. He said that although he’s attracted to girls as young as 6 years old, he’s never and will never touch them inappropriately. Not true, alleged Holden, who, while crying almost uncontrollably, told Dr. Phil about the many times Gibson molested her.

“On the surface, it seemed really nice. They were vegetarian… went to church all the time. But underneath, he was molesting me.”

Holden lived with Gibson and his wife, Tabitha, for just three months before Children’s Protective Services removed her. Holden said it was because of other reports of Gibson touching young girls, but Gibson insisted that it was because children made up fake reports about being left alone in the woods.

A year after leaving Gibson’s home, memories of sexual abuse began flooding Holden’s thoughts. She said she was around 11 or 12, she accidentally spilled hot soup all over herself, including her private areas, and the memory of being touched inappropriately registered in her mind.

“It sent me into a panic attack. I looked up at my mom and said I believe that Gary had raped me. I didn’t recall specifically what happened. I just remembered pain where I shouldn’t been having pain at 11 years old. The next day, my mom took me to the doctor and the doctor was able to tell that I had been sexually abused at one point in time.”

Even with medical evidence, however, the police didn’t arrest Gibson. It’s still unclear why he was never charged, but according to Gibson, it’s because Holden is experiencing false memories. Gibson’s wife, who appeared alongside him on the Dr. Phil episode, took her husband’s side, claiming that she was shocked by Holden’s accusations.

Despite her naysayers, Holden held strong and her story didn’t waiver. She said she decided to go on the show to let the world know that the “virtuous pedophile” has no virtues at all.

“Gary speaking out about being a virtuous pedophile is disgusting. For him to claim he’s virtuous and control it, it’s just a slap to the face. I want people to know what he did to me, that he’s not who he says he is. And I want people to listen because I’m trying to save somebody else. I don’t want anybody else to go through what I went through, what I still go through. I’m proof he’s lying.”

[Feature Photo: YouTube/Dr. Phil]