UPDATE: Texas death row inmate executed for Subway robbery-murder

Terry Edwards was executed by lethal injection

UPDATE: 11:38 pm ET: After a brief delay, Terry Edwards was executed by lethal injection on Thursday night for a robbery that ended with the murders of two Dallas-area Subway employees. The execution had been scheduled for earlier Thursday evening but was briefly delayed as the U.S. Supreme Court reviewed multiple appeals from Edwards’ attorneys, who argued that his case should be reopened. The Supreme Court refused to block the execution.

Earlier story:

Attorneys for convicted double murderer Terry Edwards have bought more time to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider the execution order of the death row inmate — who was scheduled to be executed by lethal injection in Texas Thursday evening.

According to Reuters, the Supreme Court is reportedly reviewing multiple appeals by Edwards’ attorneys, who are arguing to reopen the case on the grounds that Edwards did not have adequate legal representation at his murder trial and in the earlier stages of his appeal.

Edwards was convicted in 2002 along with his cousin Kirk Edwards in the murders of two Subway employees shot dead in a robbery. Edwards had previously worked at the Texas Subway store, and had been fired weeks before the armed robbery that turned deadly.

His attorneys claim there is sufficient forensic evidence to cast doubt that Edwards was the gunman who shot and killed Mickell Goodwin and Tommy Walker. A separate appeal challenges the potency of the drug that will be used to put Edwards to death, according to to the Associated Press.

Edwards’ death warrant expires at midnight.


Photo: Texas Department of Criminal Justice